Psychology, Community & Health

Psychology, Community & Health (PCH) is a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board, specialized in the field of psychology and published three times a year by the open-access publisher PsychOpen. It focuses particularly on research developed in community- and health-related contexts. Authors keep full copyright of their work, are not charged any fees and can publish both in English and Portuguese.

PCH is now indexed by several scientific databases including EBSCO, PubPsych, ProQuest, DOAJ, BASE, Latindex, Google Scholar, CNKI Scholar, Academic Index, Sciencegate, World Wide Science, among others.


Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

Issue in progress: Articles will be added continuously as soon as they are finalized.

Table of Contents

Empirical Articles

Cristiano Pereira de Oliveira, Felipe Aguzzoli Heberle, Marcela Alves de Moraes, Mateus Andrade Rocha, Tânia Rudnicki, Margareth Silva Oliveira
Raquel Simões de Almeida, Tiago Sousa, António Marques, Cristina Queirós
Ana Isabel Sani, Alexandra Coelho, Celina Manita
Mayra Delalibera, Alexandra Coelho, António Barbosa, Isabel Leal
Maria Marta Amancio Amorim, Natália Ramos, Maria Flávia Gazzinelli
Marie Robert, Annie Desgranges, Monique Séguin, Guy Beauchamp
Daniela Ventura Fernandes, Maria João Gouveia, Maria Cristina Canavarro, Helena Moreira
Santa Magdalena Mercado Ibarra, Carlos Alberto Mirón Juárez, Raquel García Flores, Claudia García Hernández

Methodological Articles

Mónica Marinho, Paulo Vitoria
Isabel da Conceição Lemos, Ivone Patrão

Literature Reviews

Tahir Mahmood Ali, Sana Gul
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